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AF60022 Plate cutter
Tungsten tip, 22cm
AF65022 Plate cutter
Tungsten tip 1.5mm system only, 13cm

AF60025 Pointy nose pliers
AF60024 Aderer pliers




AF60032 Plate holding forceps - Straight 18cm

AF60030 Plate holding forceps - Curved 18cm
(not illustrated)

  AF60035 Depth measuring gauge 21cm        


AF60098 Transbuccal trocar drill guide


AF60185 Screwdriver with holding device

2mm Rotating driver with holding device, 18cm

AF60020 Screwdriver standard

2mm Rotating driver, 18cm

AF61008 Screwdriver CLS

2mm Rotating driver, CLS screws, 18cm

AF65008 Screwdriver

1.5mm Cross Slot 16cm
  Drills to suit 2mm screws        
  Cylinder end   AF62055   AF62057    
  Stryker end   AS62055   AS62057    

  Cylinder end   AF62050   AF62075    
  Stryker end   AS62050   AS62075    
  Cylinder end   AF62105        
  Stryker end   AS62105        
  Drills to suit 1.5mm screws        
  Cylinder end   AF64055   AF64057    
  Stryker end   AS64055   AS64057    
  Cylinder end   AF64050   AF64075    
  Stryker end   AS64050   AS64075    
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