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Titanium Plating Systems

Product Overview

The Aus systems Titanium Reconstruction Plating Systems have been designed for use in :

Oral Maxillo Facial Surgery
Cranio Facial Surgery
Ear, Nose & Throat Surgery
Neuro Surgery
Hand Surgery

Aus systems screws and plates are produced from the highest quality traceable surgical grade titanium using the latest technology. Titanium is the ideal implant material because it is lightweight, non-corrosive and bio-compatible. It also offers minimal distortion on post-operative CT scans and MRI investigations.

Screws are self tapping with a self cutting flute for ease of insertion and are available in two size ranges.

Plates are available in varying profiles and have no memory, resulting in a reduction in rebounding after shaping. They are easily shaped to the contour of the bone without compromising plate strength and integrity.

Both screws and plates feature colour identification.

A range of instruments and sterilisable containers are available to complement the Aus systems implant range.

1.5 mm low profile system
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2.0 mm mini system
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View full range
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Responsibility for correct patient selection, adequate training, experience in the choice and surgical application of Aus systems implants and the decision to leave or remove Aus systems implants post-operatively rests with the physician.